Made in Australia
Wassberg Family Testimonial
The whole family had a great day out at the sausage sizzle thanks to the Cooling Neck Ties. It was a really hot day but we had a great time as we stayed cool and enjoyed the occasion!
The Wassberg Family, Victoria
Mrs Lundgren Testimonial
I use my Cooling Neck Tie all the time when I garden. It helps me put up with hot weather, which I really dislike.
Mrs Lundgren, South Australia
Karin Persbrandt Testimonial
Hi! I work out with my personal trainer twice a week. We both use the Cooling Neck Tie and find they work really well to keep us cool.
Karin Persbrandt, Queensland
Linda and Steve Testimonial
Dear Asa, my brother Steve and I had a brilliant time despite the hot weather this summer thanks to the cooling neck tie. Thanks for making them!
Linda and Steve, South Australia
Anna and Annie Testimonial
Thanks for a terrific product. It is so useful. My friend Annie and I use them all the time. We like how you have made them pretty too!
Anna and Annie, South Australia
Henry Testimonial
The Cooling Neck Ties are the best when it’s really hot. I sometimes borrow my wife’s Neck Tie and double up. I know I look silly but I just don’t care!
Henry, South Australia
Barbara Testimonial
When you are physically limited as I am it is extra important to easily cool down when it’s hot. I save on electricity so I try to cool myself first before I consider turning on the A/C. That saves me money!
Barbara, South Australia